AHBL7 Misha Auto Op Story

As I had a bit of a special request, when we got to the girl next to Misha handling the items to be autographed, I explained to her that I wanted to give him a choice. So she told me, “Okay, ask him!” So I scoot over to Misha and I tell him, “Hi again! So I have a proposition for you. You can either sign my hubby’s (Castiel) funko pop, or with your permission, I’d like a sample of your handwriting to create a font. This can be done with one sentence that uses all the letters, the quick brown fox j-” He then interjects to complete my sentence as he grabs the sketch pad I brought for him to write it on.


Misha Collins at All Hell Breaks Loose 7 in Melbourne Australia, June 2016

He flipped to a random blank page and starts writing, but as he starts to write brown, he tells us some thing like, “No, isn’t the fox red. The fox should be red. It’s red.” So I laugh and say, “It’s okay, however you want to do it Misha. The fox can be red and the dog brown.” So he scratches out B R and writes red and continues. I hesitantly, because I didn’t want to make him mess up his writing and concentration, told him, “Thanks for the photo this morning. You looked at me and I kinda blacked out after that.” (He is *very* attentive and gives really good eye contact when you speak to him. I’m pretty sure I got intimidated and looked away at the photo op. ><) At some point I also told him if he wanted to add the numbers zero through nine and random punctuation to go for it. He finished up writing, after including numbers, and drew one of his cute little hearts next to it.


It’s watermarked, because it’s my precious. >.>

As I had already taken up so much time, he quickly closed the book. I was about to take it and give him a note I wrote him, but he suddenly exclaimed, “Fuck! (pretty sure it was fuck or shit), I forgot to sign it! Shit, shit, shit!” He yelled shit many times, I’m not sure how many, and he flipped the sketchbook back open and searched for the page he wrote on. I’m pretty sure the whole room was looking at us now… not that I could see anything but the immediate table, sketch book and Misha in front of me. At this point in my head I’m like, “Omg, I’ve upset Misha Collins”… so  I managed tell him, “It’s okay,” and helped find the page again. I happened to open it one page away and flipped it up. He quickly scribbled his name on it. I picked the sketch book up and took the note I had folded into an origami frog, out of my pocket. I quickly told him, “I knew I wouldn’t have much time, so I wrote you a note for later.” Then like a true dork, told him not to put it through the wash, assuming it might be pocketed. Between that comment, being terrified I actually gave him that note and upsetting him before, I blacked out again at his point, but hubby tells me he put it in a box with other gifts, notes and items.

If you somehow found this page first, you can download the font here!


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