Baby, Always Keep Fighting

I created this design after starting a fan art for Supernatural. I had just done another portrait, so I thought I’d start with art of Baby instead. As I worked, I realised I could use the art to show my appreciation and support of the Always Keep Fighting campaign. Both the campaign and the show have such a fantastic backing of people. It’s amazing to see such love and support, and I wanted to do something be a part of that and continue its spread. I too have dealt with social anxiety, heaps of self-doubt and bouts of depression since I can remember. While many battles have been won, my fight still continues today.

About the design:
I debated with myself whether Baby was appropriate to portray the cause, as I know the campaign was originally personal to Jared. (Though I knew from an interview he didn’t want his face on the shirts… haha) However, the SPNFamily is very much a part of it now too, and after seeing the pins with Baby on them, I’m hopeful my design idea will be understood. Jared and Jensen are represented here in silhouette as their alter egos, Sam and Dean; cruising in Baby, who is always there, helping facilitate their fight. I also altered her licence plate to commemorate when the design was made for the campaign. To me, Baby represents a loved one, a passion, a hobby… anyone or anything that helps us get through the tough times and Always Keep Fighting.

**In case Jared and/or Jensen might see this… I would love to work with you to create a design for the campaign! If you like this design and it can be used to raise money for the AKF campaign that would be wonderful! It is 100% vector art in a single pantone colour, with tints intended as half-tones, and is suitable for screen printing. It’s shown here on Heather Grey, and also works well on Royal and Purple as used in the previous campaigns. Please contact me with details via Twitter DM or Facebook message (so I know it’s really you!); I’d send the art and sign anything as required.

(To the fans – If it isn’t used for the campaign, I’m not sure I can post it myself, even for charity, due to possible copyright/trademark laws. If you would like to see this design happen, please find, fav and re-tweet the original on my Twitter page to increase the likeliness they will see it!)

16/11/15 – Updated the design to include a free use font and decided to add my watermark. Currently working on a new, more dynamic rework of this idea!

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