Men of Letters WPA Poster

A recruitment poster for Supernatural’s Men of Letters in WPA style done after SuperWiki tweeted the idea. When I think WPA posters, I think of the recruitment ones first. Now my hubby had a good point on this, why would a secret society recruit? I can only assume, it would be because not all members would have children and not all those children would be boys. Therefore some outside recruitment would have been possible. The design is based on the box that holds the key to the bunker. I used the actual address of the location Henry Winchester takes the boys to in Illinois during Season 8 too. I tried to stay true to the colours and fonts that would be used in the era, and hope I’m close to on point.. I’d like to do another one of these, if I can come up with a poster idea that doesn’t involve recruitment!

100% Abode Illustrator, fonts used were free use and have been modified, original art is A3 size

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